[REVIEW] Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

5 HUGE STARS PLUS A ROUND OF APPLAUSE!!!Wallbanger Alice Clayton

Wallbanger by Alice Clayton is one of the funniest and most romantic contemporary novels of all time. It’s the perfect blend of comedy, romance and just a smidgen (or a whole lot) of witty and snarky remarks. This book absolutely blew me away and left me laughing to myself all night long.

What’s it about? Caroline Reynolds has everything she has ever wanted. With a gorgeous new apartment in San Francisco, a KitchenAid mixer, plus a thriving design career, she’s ready to take on the world. Unfortunately for her, there’s only one teensy little problem, she has no O. Adding to this insult, since her move, she’s been hearing her oversexed neighbor throughout his whole sexcapade. Caroline, fed up with the endless restless nights (and her sexual frustration), confronts her never-been-seen-but-heard-too-much neighbor. Then enters, Simon “Wallbanger” Parker into her life. With walls as thin as ever, her sexual frustration is going to thicken.

Characters: SIMON HOT DAMN WALLBANGER PARKER. This cocky, pun-making, zucchini-bread-loving, slightly-romantic-but-oversexed, SMOKIN HOT man will make you fall in love with him over and over again. You will notice that he’s not only charming on the outside, but his big heart and intelligence will win you over. Caroline, on the other hand, is an ambitious, strong and unbelievably brilliant woman. She’s feisty, hot and possibly everything I’ve ever wanted to be! You will swoon over their relationship. The flirting, the texts, the nooking, THE BAKING, will drive you over the edge!

Do I recommend this book? YES, YES, A MILLION TIMES YES!!! If you’re looking for an easygoing, hilarious and lighthearted book, this novel is the one for you. I finished this whole book in one night, laughing and crying (happy tears) all the way. The banter and the conversations were freaking hilarious and so are the characters, along with Caroline’s and Simon’s friends! You definitely have to give this book a try!


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